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Would you like for your business to show up right at the top of the Google searches most likely to convert to a sale?

Keep reading to see how Google Ads can help your business get found by customers searching for products and services just like yours!

Have you ever typed into Google, “XYZ service near me”? Or, “XYZ product near me?” So have your ideal customers. Are they finding your business when they do?

If your ideal customers aren’t finding your business when they search on Google, then you have two options:

SEO brings long-term FREE traffic to your site. But the key word there is long-term. It may take months for your website to rank at the top.

Google ads is if you want more customers now. We pay Google to list your business at the top of your ideal customers search results. We put some fancy words, maybe some fancy pictures. They click on the ad, land on your site, and call/buy your service.

Find Customers Where They Are

Google Ads geo fencing allows us to target your ideal customers precisely where you want.

Do you have an event coming up and want to advertise to the locals? Easy.  

Do you have a specific area you can service? Easy.

Do you sell only to the US and Canada? Easy.

Let’s review the benefits of Google Ads:

Linkerdots Marketing Agency is ready to help your ideal customers find your business. Are you ready for more customers?


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