5 SEO Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

June 15, 2022

For anyone working with websites, dealing with the challenge of keeping up with updates and avoiding technical problems is part of the routine.

But by understanding the most common and potentially damaging mistakes, you can reduce technical problems and ensure the best performance of your site.

Mistakes in applying SEO techniques are common and can be corrected.

Here are 5 SEO mistakes you need to avoid:

Site structure optimization

Structural SEO is essential for a site to achieve good positions in search engines.

The first point we put on our list since it deals with the process of optimizing a site.

Don't create a site or new subpages without prior SEO planning. Make sure that site receives On-Page SEO to ensure good positions in the SERPs.

Pages with no SEO-friendly URLs

This mistake is not hard to find, especially in e-commerce. SEO specialists can correct this common mistake on most content management platforms with good SEO features, such as WordPress or Webflow.

A URL is the first thing Google reads. It is essential for the website. If you don't use this feature, you are just making an optimization mistake.

Copied Text

Copying other people's content and putting it on your blog without the link to the original publication and authorization is a costly mistake for those who want to be seen by Google.

Original content is one of the keys to success in SEO. So forget about copy and paste.

In addition to not attributing authority to the domain, Google can punish the website content for copyright infringement, which will ruin other pillars of SEO and your reputation.

Duplicate Content

Duplicating content is an unethical practice in the SEO process and an attempt to fool Google.

Duplicating content can downgrade your site's position in Google since the search engine interprets it as a copyright violation.

Low-Quality Content

Another common mistake in our list of SEO mistakes is low-quality content.

After all, it is not enough to focus only on the other structures of the site, but not to deliver good content.

Nowadays, modern SEO is all about valuing content, so if what you offer is weak, with few words, no images, and other informational resources, you will not achieve a good position on search pages.


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