6-Figure Funnel Strategy for a High-Ticket Coaching Program

August 25, 2022

This article will show the step-by-step process used to reduce a cost per call of +$1,200 to $210 and generate +$100,000 in sales.


The Project Objective and the Marketing Goal

The objective is to be the united States’ most fun, motivating, and effective college planning resource for high school students and parents. The goal is to book calls with parents willing to pay for college planning for their kids. 


The Funnel

When this client came to us, he had worked with a few ad agencies but none of them could achieve his main goal which was getting a cost per call of $350. These agencies were far beyond the goal at +$1,200/call and +$25/lead. That way, we proposed to prepare a funnel that consisted of 6 steps:


  1. Facebook Ads 
  2. Lead Magnet (Case Study) 
  3. Video Page (The Case Study) + CTA to Schedule 1:1 Session 
  4. Survey (Pre-Schedule to Qualify Leads)
  5. Schedule Page 
  6. Thank You Page (Instructions before the 1:1) 



We dove into his funnel and ads structure to find where the bottleneck was. We encountered a low conversion rate of 10% on the landing page (When the lead magnet is free material, we usually expect a conversion rate above 20%), only one type of ad focused on a single image, and a long storytelling text (High CTR but low conversion rate), and a big gap between the leads that optin for the free material and schedules/surveys booked (8.9% on average). 



We did research to understand our persona's main pain points, desires, and fears. After that, we followed 3 steps:


1. Testing new ads (and how to find your GOLDEN AD!) 


1) Choose 3-5 different angles (3-5 different approaches to your customer's main pain points) to approach based on the pains we detected after our research. 


2) We use simple images and strong headlines for each angle and then run the ads for a few days. You should aim for at least $200 in ad spend to gather enough data. 


The ones with the best cost per lead and highest CTR are the best ads to try to scale. During this test period, we were able to reduce the cost per lead considerably from +$25 to less than $15. 


After we found the winning angle, we created new creatives in a video format. We suggest finding your winning angle before creating videos. 


BONUS: Video ads are one of the best formats nowadays. Create a good copy (no longer than 1 minute), a great headline (you can test different ones within the same video), and add subtitles (so you can impact those watching without sound).


In addition, we made a few improvements on the landing page (the conversion rate was still low).


2. Landing Page Improvements


Old landing page: 


1) Headline did not present a strong promise that could meet our potential client needs. 


2) The description was too long. 


3) CTA button was a weak color. 


4) There were no details about the expert, nor social proof to testify his authority.


New landing page: 


1) Headline with 3 important points: "How To Ensure" (shows confidence because there is a method); "Avoid Rejection Pile" (Important Pain/Fear); "Dream School" (Important Desire)


2) Shorter description with the benefits highlighted 


3) Stronger color on the CTA button. A CTA should always have a different and contrasting color from the rest of the page 


4) Here we introduced the expert with social proof + his credentials + method. 5) We added a more compelling image so our main persona - the mother - could see herself in this very important moment.



After we set up the new ads + landing page improvements:

  • Cost per lead dropped from $15 to $5 
  • The conversion rate increased from %15 to 45% 
  • Cost per Call reduced from +$1,200 to $490


However... We still needed to improve our cost per call. So we put our efforts into the improvement of the next steps of the funnel - after the lead optin for the free material.


3. Schedule Improvements 


The VSL page where the lead is directed to after the optin had a video with a CTA button to schedule an appointment with the expert. Basically, the lead NEEDED to watch the video to take further action. We observed (using Hotjar) that the lead was not watching the video at all. 

So this is what we did for the VSL and Survey Page:


VSL Page: 


  • We removed all the "step" parts as we believe we shouldn't say to the prospect what they should do, instead we add a question so they could feel that there is a commitment feeling with them. That way we thought they would be more prone to watch the video. 


  • Here we talk again about an important pain and how to avoid it by following the method they are about to watch. 


  • A bunch of testimonials showing that the method really works! Social Proof is one of the most important resources to convince people to take an action. Before this adjustment, we were only using the social proof when the lead went to the schedule page, but we decided to add it before it on the VSL page so they could be more excited and convinced to watch the video. People get curious when they see other people talking about something.


Survey Page:


  • We removed again the "step" part to a more humanized copy explaining WHY they should fill out the form, how long it would take, and the benefits they will get from it. People don't like to be "forced" to do anything, instead telling WHY they should do something is a much stronger argument. 



After the final adjustments, the cost per call dropped from $450 to $210, The company generated +$100,000 in revenue, and the same ads and campaign are keeping a high performance for more than 4 weeks in a row!



Astonished with the results, Jack Delehey, the College Admission Expert (Coach) manifested himself about the strategy: “Carlos is the real deal. He's incredibly personable, organized, and detail-oriented...but most importantly, he delivers. When I joined LinkerDots my cost/sales call was over $1,200. Even with a 40% close rate, this was not profitable. Now, after only working with Carlos for 2 months, he's got my cost/sales call down to $485...in just two months. Because of this, I just had one of the best months of all time. Looking forward to seeing our continued progress together. Thank you, Carlos!” 


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