Being an influential person in people's lives

November 16, 2022

Many think influence is all about being an expert in a field. The definition of influence is changing. It's no longer about being the best at something; it's about influencing others to think as you do. 

If someone knows that you have certain beliefs and values or views on life, they will be more likely to agree. That doesn't mean you have to convince everyone who comes across your path—just those who feel close enough toward you that they'd want to listen anyway!

Influence People by Writing.

Writing is too transactional. You can't see the person's reaction, and you don't know how they will react to your story. You have yet to determine if they will read it at all!

The best way to influence people is by writing about what you know about them or what a situation means for them. This way, their reaction will differ from yours because it's based on something new and different from what happened before (and maybe even something off-topic).

Control The Narrative About You.

  • Stop talking about others, and start talking about yourself.

  • Give people something to talk about you.

  • Be the source of your narrative by not being afraid to talk about what you are doing or how things are going in your life, but also don't be scared of telling a story that shows off who you are as an individual (for example: "I finished my Ph.D. at Cambridge University").

Techniques to Help People Know You.

  • Use social media to share your story.

  • Use content marketing to tell your story.

  • Write a book about your story, blog about it, or write an article for publication in print or online media journals that focus on business topics such as "How To Be An Influential Person." You must use the same tone when sharing this information with others, so they know who you are and what you stand for!

  • Share your story with people who don't know you yet – by reaching out via email or phone through social media channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.). These methods allow us to connect with new audiences without having them already know us personally firsthand!"

Get People To Know You.

As a leader and influencer, you can get people to know you. Tell them what you do, how long you've been doing it, and why they should care. Ask questions such as: What stood out most about my previous role? What did I enjoy? How can we work together better in the future?

You should also be sure that others know your manager or supervisor so they can reach out if there are any issues at work. See feedback from your current boss on how well things are going through regular check-ins with each other (such as monthly meetings). Make sure these conversations are positive!

Don't get tired of telling your story.

Don't let other people tell it for you because they may not know the full impact of what you have been through. Don't be afraid to tell your story because in telling it, people will forget about all the bad things in your life and remember only how much good came from them.

People have many different opinions about success: some think that being successful makes them better than others; others consider themselves successful only because they came from a poor background or had an unhappy childhood; still, others think that only those who are born rich can be considered rich by society standards (and even then they may not feel satisfied). 

The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to be successful; however, comparing yourself with others does nothing but bring stress into our lives and make us feel inadequate when we compare ourselves against someone else's definition of success when we haven't achieved anything close yet ourselves!


Influence is about what you say and how people perceive it. You can use this knowledge to help others, but only if they trust you enough to listen to your advice. If you want people to believe in your message, ensure they can see why and how it works!

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