Discovering the Secret of Instagram!

April 27, 2022

Instagram will discontinue the chronological order of the feed. It will make users spend more time within the app (it will be possible to choose between one and another feed style).


Even with the best attempts by Instagram Gurus and a countless amount of posts teaching how to have better reach, They finally revealed their intentions! 


According to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, the company created new algorithms to make posts (Instagram content) have a greater reach in their organic form.


Content relevance is the key to the Instagram feed.


You must learn that the first step to appearing on the feed is to create DECENT content! That is, make the user experience the priority, and that disconnected formulas will not help you, even if it is part of the algorithm's formula. 


First, you have to think about what would make your audience spend more time on the platform, and this leads us to the principle that no one would waste their time with what they believe is not good.


The secret of Instagram is a long-term thought.



If you create great content that pleases your audience and generates likes and shares, you will appear in your followers' feeds. Simple as that. That will help you appear to other followers who look for content like what you create! (The algorithm will play its role by generating interest).


3 Aspects to improve your content production:


1) High-value content will make you keep your audience and attract new followers. Before you start posting something here and there, make a Marketing Plan. It is the best option for you.

2) Your results on Instagram are a consequence of how hard you worked and planned. And Linkerdots can help you with that!

3) Instagram prioritizes the user experience and does not try to get in your way. The platform cares about good content. So you don't need to prioritize the algorithms.


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