Facebook Ads: What they are and how to use them

October 9, 2021

Do you know what Facebook's market potential is?

Facebook has reached 2 billion users worldwide. Can you imagine the number of possibilities for your business through Facebook?

With the growing volume of new users and new content posted daily, it is becoming increasingly difficult to display your content to your fans on Facebook. Too many companies are competing for limited user attention.

To filter this amount of content, Facebook has an algorithm called Edge Rank that determines the most relevant content for each user, based on their behavior on the social network.

No matter how great your efforts are to improve the content to increase your organic reach, Facebook Ads are essential to achieve great results. The investment in this kind of Ads may be more accessible than some people can imagine! Keep reading this post, and you will better understand what I am saying.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are advertisements inserted in their platform. Furthermore, Facebook has several tools to help you create more effective campaigns. In this post, I will show you how to use some of these Facebook Ads tools.

Types of Facebook Ads

First of all, let's talk about the various advertising formats that the tool offers:

Brand Awareness 

If your goal is to increase brand awareness through a branding campaign, then this is the option you should select. The purpose here is to reach people who are more likely to pay attention to your ads, contributing to brand awareness.


Use this Facebook targeting to reach the maximum number of people in your audience and control how often they see your ads. Also, if you have a local business and want to promote to people within a nearby radius, you can tailor your reach using location targeting.


It is the ideal ad type to drive Facebook traffic to an external page. It can be for offers, download content, tickets to some event, learn about other services and products, and others.


Within this goal, you have three options: engagement with the post, page likes, and event shares. 

The first option allows you to boost posts through the Ads Manager. You can also improve your posts by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of a post. For this, you need to have the necessary permissions.

It is an excellent tool to promote a post where you want to increase likes, comments, and shares.

You can promote the launch of a new brand, an image of services or products, or increase the number of shares on a post that encourages comments.


The second option is ads whose goal is to promote awareness and page likes. You can add an image and a short description about your Facebook Page, and then Facebook will add a "Like Page" button to promote likes.

Using this feature is not highly recommended. The amount of likes does not necessarily mean a well-engaged or successful page. What you need are people who follow you because of your product and content. 

Invest in ads that will better promote your brand and your product/service, and consequently, you will get more likes and more engaged people.

The third and last option is to promote an event created on Facebook through ads. One of the advantages of having a Facebook event is that all participants always receive notifications when a user updates or posts to the event. It is a great tool to reinforce engagement and interact with the public.

App Installs

If your Facebook Page has an application, all you need to do is insert that ad, and it will appear in the News Feed of the selected audience. When the user clicks on the ad, that ad takes the user directly to the app installation page.

Video Views

Video is increasingly gaining more space in social media and is an excellent communication and engagement strategy. Today, videos already receive more organic views than static posts.

To promote a promotional video or the content of your Facebook Page, you can extend the promotion of your video through this tool. Just like the other ads, you will have to choose your audience and targeting, and you can also add a button from the options:

  1. Buy Now - with link to destination page;
  2. Book Now - with a link to the destination page;
  3. Learn More - with a link to the destination page;
  4. Register - with a link to access the destination page;
  5. Download - with link access to the landing page;
  6. Watch More - with a link to access the destination page.


Lead Generation

Facebook sign-up ads make it easy for you to capture the attention of all the people interested in your business and collect the information you need to contact them.


For more advanced users, it is similar to the traffic goal, but this one aims to analyze the conversion rate of your ads into more robust metrics.

If your goal is to sell a product, event ticket, or capture leads, you will add a Facebook pixel on the "Thank You" or "Purchase Confirmation" to quantify how many people completed the goal among those who clicked on your ad. These ads are ideal to:

  1. Promote the download of a piece of content and capture leads;
  2. Promote a product/event page and encourage the purchase; 
  3. And increase traffic to your site.


Product Catalog Sales

This is a new feature that Facebook has added. Here you can create ads that automatically show products from your catalog based on your target audience. 

A product catalog stores all the information of all the items you would like to advertise on Facebook.

Store Visits

Facebook has recently made it possible to create ads that target physical businesses or local events.

You can enter the address of your store or the location of the event and set a radius. Through geolocation, Facebook can identify how many people are within this limitation and show your ads to them.

When setting up a local ad, you will also have the options:

  1. Learn More (takes the audience to your website);
  2. Call Now (people can call your company by tapping the button);
  3. Send Message (By clicking the button, people can send a message to your Page).


Well, these are the various ways to advertise on Facebook. So, are you feeling more confident about creating your ads with Facebook Ads? We hope you have a great experience and share these tips with your friends!

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