Google Revamps Test My Site Mobile Site Speed Tool

December 9, 2021

Google has revamped its site speed tool, Test My Site. It provides insights into the performance of your mobile site, like the number of HTTP calls it needs or how much time is spent on rendering JavaScript vs. CSS style recalculations. It also provides an opinionated approach for what to prioritize first.


Test My Site is another change in Google's focus on providing more tools for users to make sure their sites are loading efficiently and smoothly on mobile devices.


What is Google's Test My Site?


Google's Test My Site is a free and easy-to-use tool to test your website speed, diagnose performance issues, identify opportunities for improvement, and measure how Google crawls, renders, and indexes your site.


This site reports real-time results from the perspectives of both search users (the Googlebot) and webmaster (you). It can help you identify performance bottlenecks on your website, which you can then fix to improve ranking in search results.


How the Test My Site Tool Works


It works by scanning your site for any errors that could be affecting the experience of the user. Again, Test My Site is free to use on any website.


It simply scans your site and gives you a list of all the potential issues with your website. 


Benefits of Testing your Site


Testing your site will reveal what the possible issues are in the design, user experience, and in general how your site is running.

There are many benefits to testing your site before you go live. You can uncover bugs or errors that need repair before they happen. You can also ensure that all of the information on your website is accurate and up to date.


Next Steps to Take After Finishing Testing Your Website


It is not enough to create a website and then forget about it. Keep in mind that your website is a living, breathing thing that needs constant care and attention.

That means doing things like checking in on how people are interacting with your content, checking for broken links, and making sure that you are catering to what your audience wants from you when they visit your site.




It is a great tool in the marketing world. The best and fast your website is, the more satisfied your customers tend to be in the long run.


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