Important Aspects of Being an Influential Writing Coach

November 28, 2022

Influencing others is important, but it's more than just giving commands. See how leaders who encourage, influence, and inspire can make a common purpose and achieve results.

To be genuinely effective — in good times and times of great challenge — leaders must master the capability to influence others. By definition, influence is the ability to influence the behavior of others in a specific direction, leveraging key tactics that involve, touch, and inspire them.

In this article, we'll share some points to be more influential as a writing coach:

Be Consistent

As children, we learned how to write the alphabet per letter and, collectively, A-Z. The alphabet is not something a child can master by simply trying to write the letter A in one day, then dropping the pencil and hoping to quickly write the whole alphabet the next day. 

You don't just write one morning, drop the pen until the next blue moon, and expect to be a better writer. But What happens when you write consistently?

  • This helps you to improve your writing skills.
  • Writing, particularly in your niche, can teach you new things.
  • You are open to new ideas and can read more to expand your knowledge base.
  • Lesser tendency to have writer's block

Being Consistent About Strategy

​One of the greatest challenges we face is losing sight of our strategy for our day-to-day tasks. If you need to be more consistent in your strategy, consider these tips on making planning more consistent.

  • Make execution part of every day – Execution isn't happening in days or weeks. Reaching your strategic goals takes ongoing dedication and incremental achievements. Ensure your daily activities support your strategy and vision.

  • Hold consistent strategy reviews – While there isn't a perfect formula for how often you need to hold them, we recommend keeping them quarterly. Your progress against your target consistently gives you a clear picture of your performance and priorities.

  • Hold consistent planning sessions annually – Strategic planning isn't just something you do once every two years; it's an activity you should complete annually. We're not saying you need to rip apart your plan and start every year from scratch, but plans should be updated at least annually.

Reinforce your Legend with consistency

  • The best coaches are the ones who constantly reinforce their principles and strategies, no matter what happens. They don't change their message because it's too hard or because they feel like it; instead, they know that the only way to become influential is through repetition of your message in multiple ways throughout your writing career.

  • Be consistent about Point of View: Your point of view should never change over time—even if someone else has come into contact with them before or after meeting with them - because people want someone who feels authentic when interacting with others on particular topics such as writing skillsets/styles which could include everything from grammar issues down through creative approaches toward solving problems related specifically towards improving upon communication skillsets needed within everyday life situations.

  • You want to see how well you're doing at reinforcing yourself as an influencer through consistency between different parts of your coaching process (e.g., one-on-one sessions versus group coaching). This will help you see where there may be room for improvement so that next time around, things go smoother!

Mental Checklist

Writer's mental checklists are evidence-based procedural facilitators encouraging students to actively engage in the writing procedure. 

Students with very different learning need to experience problems composing texts because of the complicated steps involved. To write effectively, you must focus on understanding prompts; setting goals; developing, managing, and translating concepts; revising content; and editing for conventions.

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