Interview With LinkerDots - a Digital Marketing Agency in Utah

February 9, 2022

We have had the opportunity to interview Carlos Petri Domingues this week. He is the CEO of LinkerDots. He answered questions involving the past, the present, and the future about the company. If I were you, I wouldn't miss it:

When and Why did you open LinkerDots Marketing agency? 

Early 2020, me and my partners wanted to put our skills together and create a digital marketing company instead of just killing it solo for our clients. 

Tell me the whole story involving the choice of the name LinkerDots. 

We wanted to help our clients connect the dots in their business. We understand how important it is to have successful marketing for companies, so we played around with some names and came up with LinkerDots. 

Why did you decide to open LinkerDots in Utah? 

2 of the 3 of us were born here in Utah, and you know what they say, there is no place like home! Opening up Linkerdots was the natural decision.

What products does LinkerDots offer?

We offer Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO services, and we create beautiful websites that drive conversions. 

Do you intend to expand the list of Digital Marketing Services? 

You know, it depends. We pride ourselves on our high-quality work, and we want to ensure we bring that to each of our clients. We are exploring TikTok right now, but we want to become masters at it before offering it as a product. 

What is the importance of Digital Marketing nowadays? 

I like to think of Digital Marketing as claiming your digital real estate. Almost the entire world is online now, and if you are not claiming your industrial real estate, your competitors are. |

Do you prefer to work with big or small clients? 

We work well with both unless the company is too small. Our services are best for companies that know how to sell their product, are functioning well, and need to scale their business profitably. 

Where were you now compared to one year ago?

Absolutely on a different planet now. We have fine-tuned our strategies, and our team is growing. We are seeing our best months to date and are excited for the future ahead of us. 

What goals do you have for LinkerDots for the next year?

Next year, we want to bring in at least 20 new clients. We could bring many more clients, but we don’t want to sacrifice our quality. So, we are picky with who we choose to partner with nowadays. 

Where do you expect LinkerDots to be in 5 years?

In 5 years? We expect to be one of the largest digital marketing companies in Utah. We also want to make some splash nationwide.

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