Keyword Map and Its Benefits

January 6, 2023

If you are a business owner trying to learn how Keyword Mapping for SEO can help your site appear in the first positions of Google Search, this article may help you. What you will read here may sound too technical, but we hope you can understand it.

What is Keyword Mapping for SEO?

Keyword Mapping is a process of determining what keywords are relevant to a given website and then using those keywords in the website content. When these target keyword phrases are properly included, the goal for the website will be to appear in the first positions of Google Search. Example:

Keywords can be the services or products you offer on your website. If you sell donuts in New York, your main goal is to appear in first place on Google when people who live in your area type “Donuts in New York” or “Donuts near me.” Business owners who consistently create content with their niche keywords and do up-to-date SEO work will see their website appearing on the first pages of Google.

What Can an SEO Specialist Do to Start Keyword Mapping?

Let’s keep using the keywords “Donuts in New York.” To start this process, the SEO Specialist would use tools like Google AdWords and Google Search Console to build the Keyword Map. Of course, during the process, the Specialist could contact the Business Owner to see if a specific keyword (provided by one of the tools above) relates to your business.

With the keyword map in hand, the copywriter will create the content with the keywords adequately included. If the content is a blog, that can be a short, or long-term project. The more posts a blog has, the more chances it will have to help the site appear on the first pages of Google with the keywords the business owner has chosen. It is one way to ensure your site ranks for the right keywords.


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