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April 29, 2022

Have you ever liked the work someone is doing on the Internet so much that you search the various digital platforms to find out what that person is posting? It has happened to many people around us.

Now imagine finding 3, 5, 10 different types of social networks of this person. How would you save all these links? Would you open a bookmarks bar in your Bookmarks? Or would you open a note section on your smartphone to put all the links you accessed?

Well, we got to know Linktree recently. It is a tool that groups all the links you regularly use.

The only link you will ever need!

What we mentioned above is the main title of the Linktree page. You can customize the name of your business in the URL of your linktree. You can share it in the Bio of your social networks.

And this is where I'm going to get technical: By doing this, you share and re-share the same links across multiple domains, which is fantastic for anyone working or using SEO services.

What does Linktree promise in its paid version?

They have the free version that groups all the links in one place. Also, this version promises a variety of links, buttons, and embeds. Also, in the free version, the tool offers a monetization system and several customizations that include thumbnails, banners, themes, and colors.

The paid version offers more features. Besides including everything from the free version, when you pay for the pro version, you can use a comprehensive Analytics system.

Furthermore, they offer a Marketing Tech, which helps you connect to tools like MailChimp, Google Sheets, SEO Settings, Multi-factor Authentication, and more!

Is Linktree safe? Is Linktree a good marketing tool?

I do not doubt that this seems to be a tool committed to the security of your data.

With the promise of payment collection, analytics and insights, third-party integrations, and the convenience of access to all the content you frequently use, this could be a suitable tool for marketing and personal use.

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