Step by Step for Coaches to Get More Clients

September 8, 2022

We know that there are more strategies and tutorials out there. This is one of those that will actually work, though. Read this post through to the end and see what you can apply to your coaching business.


Schedule the First Session

Introduce yourself and begin the conversation informally by asking:


  • How are you feeling today? 
  • What do you think is missing in your life? 
  • Where are you failing? 
  • Why are you feeling unhappy? 


Other examples of personal questions may include: 

  • Who do you want to be? and 
  • What goals do you want to achieve in your life?


These simple questions get your prospect thinking and open their mind to the possibilities awaiting them if they choose to work with you!


Reasons and Earnings of the Journey

As a coach, ask yourself: 

  • What will they gain from becoming a better person? or 
  • How will they feel when achieving their goals? 


Another question that you can ponder: 

  • What motivates you to step out of your comfort zone and start changing? 

(Also, you can use the "What else?" technique until he exposes feelings and values: happiness, self-esteem, self-confidence, freedom, and love).


Tangible Goals, Behavior, and Mentality

List tangible goals and ask them how they will measure success. After that, list attributes they need to apply to achieve those goals. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Training

After discussing the aspects they need to improve, please ensure they can develop these skills.


Take Action

Two questions related to their attitude: 

  • What do they need to do to improve their skills? (Ask them to think of actions that generate results, things they can repeat).
  • What do they need to start doing? (Remember: the rewards for achieving and performing actions are great).


Expected Results

Involve them with feelings and emotions. Ask your customers how they will feel if they meet these challenges. 


At that time, you can recap all the conversations, the reasons, and the gains of the journey they previously mentioned. They will visualize how good it will be to continue the process.



Finally, you can finish with these: 

  • So far, have you been unable to achieve goals on your own? 
  • What support would you like to achieve these goals?


We’ve seen coaches that use this step-by-step to acquire more clients because opening up your prospects' mind to the fact they NEED a coach to get to the next level is powerful. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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