The History of Email Marketing

November 19, 2021

E-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers. It is also one of the most ethical methods out there.

E-mail marketing began in 1978 when Gary Thuerk, an AT&T engineer, sent out messages to 400 people on the ARPANET mailing list. The messages were short text messages with a link to sign up for an electronic mailing list called ARPANET.


In 1998, the Federal Trade Commission stepped in and regulated these advertisements due to privacy concerns. The FTC’s regulations were challenged in court in 2009 and the courts ruled that these regulations were outdated and that it is now legal to send e-mails to people who do not know you for promotional purposes.


ARPANET was the first-ever wide area network. It is a packet-switching network, now effectively replaced by the Internet. ARPANET became operational in 1969, originally funded by the Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) for use by their project, which was to link together major research universities with a set of new computer centers.

ARPANET is an early example of packet switching and is generally considered one of the technologies that led to the birth of the Internet.

The importance of E-mail Marketing Nowadays

E-mail marketing is the most powerful way to build relationships with customers and keep them engaged. It helps you in getting more leads, more conversions, and building trust. It is the best way of communicating with your prospects and customers.

Reasons to use e-mail marketing:

1) Reach your audience very easily.

2) Personalize your message for each recipient (e.g., by including their name).

3) Deliver content that they care about at any given time (e.g., coupons).

4) An inexpensive option as it requires very little staff for managing.


This is a little bit about the history of E-mail. E-mails have been a constant form of communication for quite some time now, and it is still going strong.

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