The Reason Elon Musk bought Twitter

November 22, 2022

Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on earth, intends to bring the social-media company private and has said he wants Twitter to stick more closely to the free speech regulations. 

Musk himself is a regular tweeter, and it is believed that he will continue to use the platform and potentially reinstate the account of former President Donald Trump. He is also thought to be less likely to ban people for violations of the platform’s policies, which themselves may change.

Musk has criticized Twitter for not acting against crypto scams and restricting freedom of speech. In the end, Musk is a proponent of a freer, transparent, open, and non-moderated environment, leading to greater brand responsibility.

Twitter is planning to make significant changes.

Twitter plans to begin charging users $8 per month for verification. This change aims to turn the company's subscription that also validates users. The first launch of this new verification system failed, with hundreds of users impersonating celebrities around the world. They quickly took down this feature and are revamping it. These are only some of the numerous changes the company's owner Elon Musk is planning in the coming months, such as enhanced moderation and the shift to a subscription-based model accessible to all users.

Why is this important for your business?

Many business owners and small-scale business owners use Twitter worldwide, and many of us have been watching the latest events closely as Elon Musk has assumed ownership. Musk has been cleaning the house and creating new policies regarding content moderation and revenue streams. His shift to a subscription-based model and moving away from advertisers who may be wary of his "free speech" changes are required to increase revenues for the business while permitting its users to have their say. 

There are reports that he'll convert the platform into a "super app" like China's WeChat, which can support banks, mobile-based payments, and communications. If your company uses Twitter, you can expect a decline in followers as bots are removed.

Additionally, you can expect to pay for it. Suppose Musk can transform Twitter into a more helpful platform for discussions and news. These changes will increase credibility and make Twitter a better place for free speech and market freedom.


Musk’s immediate goal is to let Twitter operate unimpeded while giving it the financial independence to expand, but he intends to make Twitter better than it already is. With that said, Tesla and SpaceX’s influence on the tech world will not disappear soon, so we expect to see a more open, transparent, and non-moderated Twitter.

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