Things You Cannot Do When Speaking to Sell

December 4, 2022

When you speak, it's important to treat your speech like a performance. You must know how and how not to say when speaking to sell. You need to understand what makes people buy and what does not. 

If you want your audience to purchase from you, it's important for them to feel that their needs are being met by the company or product being discussed. This will lead directly to getting them on board with whatever idea, or message might be presented during your presentation! Here are some tips for improving your communication skills when selling:

Am I On The Right Track?

If the audience is engaged, you are on the right track. If they're not, then you need to figure out why. If they're engaging with what you are saying and listening intently to everything you say (and even laughing at some of them), then it's safe for them to assume that most of what has been said is relevant and helpful information for their needs. 

The next step would be for them to ask questions about these topics to gain more knowledge and see how much further down this rabbit hole we could go together!

A Story Poorly Told 

​​It would be best if you didn't use a story that is not relevant, engaging, and entertaining. If you're telling someone about your life experiences, make sure they are real and meaningful to them. The best way to do this is by telling stories from the past that have shaped your character or influenced who you are today.

​​What may not work?

Don't use jargon. This is the most common mistake you can make and is the easiest to avoid. If you don't understand a word, don't use it—it's okay if your listener understands it. They're not going to be able to follow along with your conversation if their brainpower goes into figuring out what the word means rather than listening in on what sounds like good business sense!

Don't use a lot of technical terms. There are certain words that people associate with specific industries or roles within those industries (e.g., "VP" for vice president), but these tend not only be reserved for insiders but also often carry connotations that could make someone who knows nothing about such a subject feel excluded from what might otherwise have been an interesting discussion over coffee or lunch at work! If this could happen while selling something online, do everything possible beforehand, so no one gets upset when they find out how many sales were lost later down the line because someone didn't explain themselves enough the first time around."

When You Know Your Story is not Good to Tell

Don't tell your story when you know it is not good. Don't waste time trying to sell when what's happening is that people are thinking about buying something from you but can't bring themselves to buy because your business isn’t worth it.

Don't worry if people don't like what they hear or see; they may not appreciate how much effort went into ensuring every detail was perfect! And even though we all love our products as much as possible, sometimes some things need changing before release—so keep an eye out for those changes later!


The key takeaway from all this is that you must write down your story, practice it, and present it in person. This will improve your chances of making sales because you’ll be able to relate with people on a more personal level, and they will feel more open to giving their trust in what you are selling.

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