Top 5 Coaching Directories to Join

September 28, 2022

Are you excited to start your business coaching journey and help others fulfill their dreams? Getting clients might take some time, but there are simple steps you can take to get your career up and running: 


  • Talk to your family and friends. 
  • Update your social media accounts (especially LinkedIn). 
  • Set up an email marketing campaign. 


Joining Coaching Directories


Another simple step you might want to take a look at is joining business coaching directories. These hubs can help you connect with thousands of potential clients, and setting up your account can be accomplished with just a few clicks.  


Coaching directories offer several advantages that make them worth the time and effort. For starters, you can find out what makes established coaches successful. Learn from seasoned coaches and try to emulate (not copy) their strategies. 


Joining coaching directories will help you connect with your target audience. It is highly likely that those who are browsing these directories are just a few steps away from picking a business coach. Enter the proper categories and tags to help you stand out. 


Having your profile on coaching directories will help potential clients establish trust. Nowadays, you need to be certified to become a coach, and having this profile means that the site administrators can vouch for you. Plus, you can link your certifications to your profile and flaunt your credentials. 


If you’ve decided to sign up for a coaching directory, here are the top five that we recommend:




Noomi is a free online coaching directory that helps coaches connect with clients. The site’s personalized matching system makes it easy for clients to filter coaches based on their specialty and location. Specify whether you’re a life coach, career coach, or business coach to make the process easier. 


On top of that, you can get featured on the homepage, receive direct messages from potential clients, and access training materials for an annual fee. 


Trusted Coach Directory


It serves coaches and clients from the United Kingdom. To join, you’ll need relevant qualifications and experience. 


The website projected this directory for company executives, leaders, and employees. The website provides clients with a customized report, and they can filter coaches according to their goals and specific location.




WiseHead connects you with potential clients looking for a life coach, career coach, or business coach. Wisehead requires you to specify your working hours and hourly rate when joining this directory. 


One caveat, though. Clients can dispute payment if they deem a coaching session to be ineffective. 




Bark helps clients find life coaches near by entering their zip code and selecting a coach based on their needs. It is like Uber for business coaching. It is highly recommended whether you’re a business, career, or corporate coach. 


Bark coaches are standardized with specific prices for different areas, so clients know what to expect when ordering a coaching session. Once a client signs up, the website provides free quotes from coaches.


Be Healthful


Although, as the name suggests, Be Healthful focuses on health coaching, they include a business development coaching category. This directory can be a goldmine if you’re a multi-faceted business coach and a health advocate.



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