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October 29, 2021

Website Development is one of the products LinkerDots offers in its product portfolio. To teach the audience the importance of Digital Branding, here is a short list LinkerDots provides to show why to build a website with our agency:

High Conversion Website

We build websites always so the end-user and can maximize the conversions of visitors. When a person clicks on a text or video ad and then takes an action that you have defined as valuable to your company, such as an online purchase or a phone call from a mobile phone, Google Analytics will count it as a conversion.

Mobile Friendly

More than 70% of online traffic views happen through a mobile device. If you optimize your business website to be mobile-friendly in content, the SEO content on your page will be effective. It will rank higher in google search results. There will be more chances for your prospective clients to find your website based on the keywords located in your content.

Easy Access to the Backend

You will have full access to the backend of your website. That way, you by yourself can easily apply changes to it without contacting us.

Therefore, users access the backend of their website by inserting the login and password information. Then, They can write blog posts, edit something on the homepage, change products prices, include more products to sell, etc.

SEO Friendly

LinkerDots builds websites by following the strict guidelines of Google. All the websites are ready to be boosted in the SERP. SERP means Search Engine Results.

In other words, it is the metric to measure the number of keywords from your website that are ranking in the first pages of Google Search.

About the Company

Based in Utah, LinkerDots makes brands more visible to their audience by executing solutions and strategies for companies to stand out in their markets and increase sales and profit.

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