What Structured Data is and How to Apply it to SEO

July 7, 2022

Have you ever heard of Structured Data (or Schema Markup)? Schema is a series of XML tags that you use to provide search engines with additional information about certain Internet content.

They are short snippets of code that help people find your Web site. This more "universal" model eliminates the ramification caused by using different language formats, making life easier for developers and users alike.

What is Schema Markup?

It is a type of microdata that you can find on schema.org. It is a vocabulary that defines entities, actions, and online relationships.

Once you add it to your site, it creates an improved description of the page that appears in search results and also increases the overall ranking. This way, search engines can understand the meanings behind subjects (entities) and provide a better experience for users. 

The summary of pages is becoming increasingly important for SEO. Since Schema makes a context interpretation and quality of the page description, as Google continues to build a more semantic web, these tags become more and more valuable for effective communication on the Internet. 

Thanks to Schema tags on your site, Google can complement your site's search results, helping to increase the click-through rate on organic search results.

Schema Markup Types

The vocabulary available on schema.org presents formats for structuring data about places and things on the Web. You can find the list of items that Schema markup can define on this website. But in general, Schema markup is usually used to indicate:

● Articles;

● Events;

● Products;

● People;

● Organizations;

● Local Businesses;

● Ratings and comments;

● Recipes;

● Medical conditions.

Rich Snippets

When adding these markups to your website, the search engine understands the purpose of your website. 

The search engine can display this information through Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets are the search results presented by Google in response to a search to improve the user experience.

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