Commercial Cleaning Services Company

From March to October 2021
Final Results
First Month Ad Spend: $2,971.47
Revenue Generated: $31,149.09 in the first month
Return On Ad Spend: 10.48x

Brand Story

This brand story is about DBS Building Services, a Commercial Cleaning Company that works in Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Utah County areas in Utah State.
This client desired to reach an audience that uses the Internet to do business. DBS knew that it would be necessary for its brand and services provided would appear on the first pages of Google search. In the hope that DBS would achieve this goal, the company hired the SEO services offered by LinkerDots.


DBS was confident that people would start searching for the company through organic internet traffic to do business. Also, the company was aware that a new website should be developed and adapted to attract this audience. With this intention, the goal was to have the SEO service result in leads, which are users and customers interested in commercial cleaning services.


The correct type of campaign on Google is crucial. Google owns so much nowadays that it can be overwhelming figuring out what campaign is going to best target your ideal customer. This was a challenge for us to figure out without wasting the client’s ad spend on these tests. We closed in on a strategy after deeply analyzing past ads and campaign performances.


We analyzed the Google Ads campaigns that were currently running --set up by the last agency-- to help dial down our strategy. We find it critical to analyze the data your business has already paid to find by running ads in the past. Looking through the campaigns provided a great picture of what had not worked up to this point.
From there, we were able to construct more efficient search campaigns, and not pay for the same keywords that clearly had not worked before.
This client has many products for sale --more than 100-- and so we knew we had to put their products on Google Shopping. Google wants to compete with Amazon, and they are doing serious work to do so. When your store has many products, putting it on Google Shopping is a MUST. We hit it right on the head - our Google Shopping campaign was our most successful, and routinely does 11x ROAS.

How We Did

Website Development
LinkerDots developed a new 100% SEO Friendly website, which includes all the service menus of services offered by the company. Each of these menus pages received a form so that users could fill out their details to get quotes.

SEO Adaptation
With DBS' approval, our SEO department created a full keyword map for the company. These keywords would be the same ones that the client would possibly type in the Google search page to find and hire the best cleaning company for its business.

Subsequently, the SEO Team created specific pages to accommodate these keywords strategically. After that, The company developed a blog, and one of the DBS employees started to create content with more keywords to attract new users and clients.

Link Building
Then, the SEO team started the main process in this SEO adaptation: Link Building. Link Building is something specific and technical. It is the creation of backlinks in the most varied types and levels.

These backlinks contain the link to the company's homepage. The purpose of the backlinks is to point the link from the DBS homepage to Google. As part of the process, Google crawls the keywords within the website pages and ranks the links within its first search pages.

Consequently, our SEO department created over 1700 backlinks in 7 months of service. The DBS website has achieved value for Google. A Domain Authority of 30. What does this mean? The higher the Domain Authority of the site, the more keywords it ranks for, and the more people might find the services offered by the site.


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