Recreational Equipment
Ecommerce Store

January 2021
Final Results
First Month Ad Spend: $2,971.47
Revenue Generated: $31,149.09 in the first month
Return On Ad Spend: 10.48x

Brand Story

This client allowed us to post this wonderful success story, but asked for their business name to not be included. They’ve found a fantastic niche in the recreational equipment market, and want to keep tight control of their market dominance. They have a killer offer in a market that desperately needs their products. So when they came to us, the strategy came naturally: dominating the search engines. Utilizing Google helped us corner this market and help our client WIN.


They knew they had a great opportunity with their products, but so far had been unsuccessful in turning that opportunity into cash. The initial goal was simple: figure out the most profitable channel.

How We Did

After analyzing the opportunities that waited for this company in Google, we had their ads up running the next day. Our primary Google Adwords campaign was in Google Shopping.
It. Crushed. Google Shopping was the perfect channel to market their products. There was a ton of demand in their niche, and the primary competitors had a smaller selection, and lower quality products.


The correct type of campaign on Google is crucial. Google owns so much nowadays that it can be overwhelming figuring out what campaign is going to best target your ideal customer. This was a challenge for us to figure out without wasting the client’s ad spend on these tests. We closed in on a strategy after deeply analyzing past ads and campaign performances.


We analyzed the Google Ads campaigns that were currently running --set up by the last agency-- to help dial down our strategy. We find it critical to analyze the data your business has already paid to find by running ads in the past. Looking through the campaigns provided a great picture of what had not worked up to this point.
From there, we were able to construct more efficient search campaigns, and not pay for the same keywords that clearly had not worked before.
This client has many products for sale --more than 100-- and so we knew we had to put their products on Google Shopping. Google wants to compete with Amazon, and they are doing serious work to do so. When your store has many products, putting it on Google Shopping is a MUST. We hit it right on the head - our Google Shopping campaign was our most successful, and routinely does 11x ROAS.

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