Ross Clark Material Handling

March 2021
Final Results
First Month Ad Spend: $954.67
Increase In Leads: 14x
Return On Ad Spend: 16.4

Brand Story

This Material Handling company solves a big problem - efficient warehouse solutions. They are experts at making warehouses across the US more efficient and productive. But they struggled on building an online presence that brought them consistent business, spending way too much per lead ($1,400).


When they first came to us, all they wanted was for us to get the cost per lead below $1,000.

How We Did

After only 4 months of working with this warehouse handling company, we were able to get the cost per lead below $100. $88.58, to be exact. Just one of the leads we brought them ended up being a chain of warehouses that needed equipment for all of them. The founder himself called us, ecstatic at the results our ads were bringing in.


After analyzing the material handling industry, we concluded that our best avenue to a low cost per lead was Google Ads. We mapped out the industry and the customer’s journey to help them optimize their site to maximize our lead potential. However, the cost per click for this industry is expensive, and so we knew we had to make clever campaigns to get the most out of their ad budget.


Due to the nature of the business, they have a plethora of products they offer their customers. Our strategy was to put these products in front of our target audience and keep the brand on top of their minds. We utilized a local directions campaign which kept our ads on top of the maps anytime leads searched for similar products.

Display campaigns were a focal part of our strategy. We tested a variety of creatives to test the response rate, and we amplified the creatives with the best click-through rates. Even if the customers weren’t clicking though, they were seeing our client on many different websites, YouTube, and other search engines. When the customers were ready to buy, a call to our client was much more likely, as they felt they could trust them.

Once they were ready to buy, the leads would search for the product they needed on Google. When they got there, they saw another ad for our client, and due to seeing our ads everywhere, our click-through rates were well above the industry average (9% for cold traffic!) Each product has its own ad, ensuring that the customer knows we have exactly what they are looking for.

After our leads purchase, our client's exceptional customer service gives them phenomenal retention rates, ensuring the lead we generated for them goes above and beyond their original purchase.
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